Computer Science Lecturer Michael Cassens Wins Teaching Award

Michael Cassens was awarded the David B. Friend Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching, which is given to “recognize excellence in teaching by non-tenure-track faculty members teaching our introductory courses.” The award is competitively awarded for superior teaching at the fundamental (100-200) levels of the curriculum, student advising and mentoring (especially at the undergraduate level), and accessibility to students beyond normal office hours.

Michael has an impeccable record of superior teaching at the 100-200 levels over a twenty year period at UM. His teaching evaluations are consistently outstanding. He has created over a dozen courses for our department, many at the introductory level. We greatly appreciate his student advising activities, which result Cassens Michael 2013in consistent compliments from the student body.

Michael developed and launched an incredibly successful summer programming camp for middle- and high-school students that has filled to capacity since it’s 2012 inception, bringing computational experience to a broader community segment and driving a recruitment channel for UM and computer science. He has also been instrumental in our efforts to increase the number of women in computer science.

Congratulations to Michael on his selection for the award, and thanks to him from all of us for earning it!


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