CS students well represented at university research conferences

Last weekend, the university hosted its annual Conference on Undergraduate Research (UMCUR) and Grad Student & Faculty Research Conference (GradFac). The CS department had a strong presence at both events, with a total of 10 students showcasing their research. We congratulate all of these students on their hard work throughout the year!

  • Evan Cummings: “UM Firn Densification Model” (poster)
  • Tyler Davis: “Effective Computer Simulation Development Utilizing Dynamic Documentation” (presentation)
  • Kyle Doyle: “Integration of Icecamp with the Community Ice Sheet Model” (presentation)
  • Scott Halstvedt: “Visualizing Communication – Pattern Recognition on the Enron E-mail Corpus” (poster)


  • Russell Kaehler: “Identifying K-Mers that Contribute Strongly to Effective Classification of Metagenomic Samples” (presentation)
  • George Lesica: “A Sea Ice Melange Model” (poster)
  • William Lyon: “iViz: A Data Visualization Library for iOS” (poster)
  • Meghan Oswalt: “Data Assimilation Method for Coupling Basal Sliding to Subglacial Hydrology” (poster)
  • Kevin Scott: “A Computational Investigation of Patterns in Financial Data” (poster)
  • David Seddon: “Investigation of the Security within Encrypted Messages” (presentation)

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