May 2: Bruce McTavish from Starbucks Headquarters

On Monday, May 2nd from 12-1pm in room SS 362, Bruce McTavish from Starbucks Headquarters will give a talk. A brief Bio of Bruce and what he will cover during this presentation follows. Please attend and bring your questions for Bruce. Pizza and pop will be served.

I graduated from UM CS Masters program in 1986. During an internship opportunity supporting the UM Continuing Ed program during my last year of school, I began my focus on data management. Over the past 25 years I have worked for Boeing, Microsoft, a Seattle area consulting company, an international consulting company, and have now spent the past 10 years at Starbucks Coffee in their I.T. group. My roles have included Database Administrator, Systems Analyst, Data Modeler, Systems Planner and Designer, and currently, Data Architect. Meta data management has always been a key aspect of the work I’ve done in all these roles: striving to clarify, articulate, and foster a shared understanding of the meaning and structure of the data of interest. Technology is exciting, but we use technology to manage data, whether it be real time processing or business systems.

I look forward to talking with UM CS students, sharing the concepts that I learned in school 25 years ago that I still use all the time, as well as those things that I have learned over the years that I did not learn in school. I also look forward to hearing your questions about getting a job, working in a large company, or whatever it might be – What are the issues and concerns you have about using your CS degree?


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