Our Cyber Security Course Makes the News

The Cyber Security course we are running this semester (Fall 2014) made the Missoulian. The course is being run as a Special Topics Course (CSCI 491 – 01) and is held in the new Big Data/Cyber Security lab.


Lunch-time-lecture a big success

Kristin Branson’s presentation on Computer Vision and Machine Learning drew a big crowd. There were lots of questions and plenty of food.



Next Lunch Time Lecture Friday

The presenter will be Kristin Branson. She is a Group Leader at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) Janelia Research Campus (see http://janelia.org/lab/branson-lab, especially the cool videos), and was recently profiled in Cell’s “40 under 40” article (http://www.cell.com/40/kristin-branson). Her work hits on computer vision, machine learning, behavior classification, and high throughput genetics.  It will be in the Clapp building (CHCB 131) at 1:00.

Fall Semester Getting Close

This week there are lots of things going on in preparation for the upcoming semester. Yesterday, we had the Graduate Student Orientation (see the pics!). Today is the Teaching Assistant Workshop and Thursday is the Faculty Retreat.
It’s getting close!

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Computer Science Programming Camp Update

Middle School and High School Summer Camp is full!

Contact michael.cassens@umontana.edu for any questions!  Have a great summer!

Big Sky Developer Conference

The Big Sky Developer Conference is the meeting of a consortium of programmers and technology enthusiasts at Montana State University.

In its third iteration, the conference was a proven success with over a hundred Montana and out-of-state developers, many of whom have traveled hundreds of miles to attend.

Fellow University of Montana students and alumni were present at the talks, including Pat Kujawa, Clinton McKay, George Lesica, William Lyon, and Alexis Lensing.

Sponsored by local businesses and startups, the conference featured 18 unique topics ranging from art and technology to programming and team management.

The talks were held in the Engineering and Physical Sciences Building.

Speakers from around the state were present, including the graduate student George Lesica from the University of Montana. George gave an introductory talk about Elixir, a sibling language of Erlang.

Ben Echols provided an interesting discussion about the benefits of using Go, a language by Google. During the discussion, Echols demonstrated his web application that would pull player statistics from the game League of Legends

In addition to programming language talks, John Allwine presented and explained different linear algebra techniques, such as calculating the dot product, applying translation, rotation, and the scaling of matrices to a vector, and explaining the important cross product between two vectors.

On the business side of software development, Doug Odegaard provided his advice on how to become a successful independent contractor and manage remote work. Odegaard presented methods to increase productivity and pitfalls that can cause productivity loss.

If you’re a software developer, a startup-a-holic, chronic entrepreneur, or a technology enthusiast that would like to become more embedded in the Montana community. It’s recommended that you show up to the [Big Sky Developer Conference] (http://bigskydevcon.org).

Introduction to Cybersecurity: An Exciting New Course for Fall 2014

Course Title:  Introduction to Cybersecurity
Course description:  

“Learn the fundamentals of cybersecurity through real-world case studies and hands-on labs. Students will gain practical experience conducting penetration tests, vulnerability assessments, hard drive forensics, network traffic analysis, and malware analysis. Throughout the class we will dissect newsworthy data breaches, such as the Heartland theft of 100 million credit card numbers or the “Operation Aurora” attack on Google. As your final project, you will infect a computer with live malware and study its behavior. This class uses the “flipped” classroom model, in which lectures are pre-recorded and classes meet in the lab.”

Instructor: Sherri Davidoff
Instructor contact email: sherri@LMGsecurity.com Meet time: Thursdays 2:10-5pm
Location: Cyber Lab (ISB 107)
Pre-requisites: CSCI 466 (Networks) OR Consent of Instructor

Instructor bio:  

“Sherri Davidoff is a founder and Senior Security Consultant at LMG Security. She has fourteen years of experience as a cybersecurity professional, specializing in digital forensics, security awareness training, penetration testing, and web security assessments. She is the co-author of the textbook “Network Forensics: Tracking Hackers Through Cyberspace” (Prentice Hall, 2012). Sherri is a GIAC-certified forensic examiner (GCFA) and penetration tester (GPEN), and holds her degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT.”


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